PowerShell Script to Start Only Specified Host instances and Stop remaining Host Instances in BizTalk server

Hi All,

Some of the times, we are in a situation to start only specified host instances in your biztalk group and stop the remaining . in that case, you could use this script to achieve that.



<This is the Biztalk Server product related Script, you could use this in the

biztalk server Environment for starting only specified hosts and stop another Host Instances



<Used to Start the specified Host Instances on your BizTalk environment and stop the remaining Hosts >


<Open the script in power Shell ISE with Run as Admin permission in the Any one of the BizTalk Web server and run it>


[ARRAY]$hostInstanceObj = get-wmiobject MSBTS_HostInstance -namespace ‘root\MicrosoftBizTalkServer’

[ARRAY]$HostInstanceObj1 = "BizTalkServerApplication","TrackingHost"

$StophostInstances = $hostInstanceObj | ?{$HostInstanceObj1 -notcontains $_.hostname}

$starthostInstances = $hostInstanceObj | ?{$HostInstanceObj1 -contains $_.hostname}

$StophostInstancesFinal = $StophostInstances|?{$_.HostType -eq ‘1’}

foreach ( $hostInstance in $StophostInstancesFinal)


if ( $hostInstance.GetState().state -eq ‘4’)


Write-Output " stopping the Host name $($hostInstance.hostname) on Server $($hostInstance.RunningServer)"




foreach ( $stInstance in $starthostInstances)


if ( $stInstance.GetState().state -eq ‘1’)


Write-Output " Starting the Host name $($stInstance.hostname) on Server $($stInstance.RunningServer)"




Disclaimer : Please test in Lower environments before using this production . it stop the other host instances that you would not mention.




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