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FIX:Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control until the window handle has been created Error

When I am installing the sql server 2008 on my windows 7 ultimate , I am getting the below error

I googled this error and got this issue the issue with sql server 2008 product when installed on windows 7

Temporary fix for this:

After this error got on the window pop up like above, click on ok and then install the sql server 2008 service pack1

This service pack is available for free down load in the msdn site

and this service pack installation fixed this issue.

Please try and let us know if you are still facing the issues.

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Get the jobs details in sql server and their status

Hi All,
Please use the below script in the Sql server management studio to see the status of Jobs running on Sql server instance

Use msdb


select distinct j.Name as "Job Name", j.description as "Job Description", h.run_date as LastStatusDate,

case h.run_status

when 0 then ‘Failed’

when 1 then ‘Successful’

when 3 then ‘Cancelled’

when 4 then ‘In Progress’

end as JobStatus

from sysJobHistory h, sysJobs j

where j.job_id = h.job_id and h.run_date =

(select max(hi.run_date) from sysJobHistory hi where h.job_id = hi.job_id)

order by 1

Please let us know if you have other options

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SQL Server Management Studio Shortcuts

Hi Folks,

Below are the SQL Server Management Studio Shortcuts

Basic Editing Shortcuts

Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+F Quick Find
Ctrl+H Quick Replace
Ctrl+Shift+H Replace in Files
Ctrl+G Go To Line

File Shortcuts

Ctrl+N New Query with Current Connection
Ctrl+Shift+N New Project
Ctrl+O Open File
Ctrl+Shift+O Open Project/Solution
Ctrl+S Save
Ctrl+Shift+S Save All
Ctrl+P Print

View Shortcuts

Ctrl+Alt+G Registered Servers
Ctrl+Alt+T Template Explorer
Ctrl+Alt+L Solution Explorer
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+W Bookmark Window
Ctrl+Alt+X Toolbox
Ctrl+\, Ctrl+E Error List
Ctrl+Alt+R Web Browser
Ctrl+Alt+K Task List
Ctrl+Alt+O Output
Shift+Alt+Enter Full Screen
Ctrl+- Navigate Backward

Query Shortcuts

Ctrl+Shift+M Specify Values for Template Parameters
Ctrl+L Display Estimated Execution Plan
Ctrl+Alt+P Trace Query in SQL Server Profiler
Ctrl+Shift+Q Design Query in Editor
Ctrl+M Include Actual Execution Plan
Shift+Alt_S Include Client Statistics
Ctrl+T Results to Text
Ctrl+D Results to Grid
Ctrl+Shift+F Results to File

Window Shortcuts

Ctrl+R Hide/Show Results Pane
Advanced Editing Shortcuts

Ctrl+Shift+U Make Uppercase
Ctrl+Shift+L Make Lowercase
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+\ Delete Horizontal White Space
Ctrl+I Incremental Search
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C Comment Selection
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+U Uncomment Selection

Bookmarks Shortcuts

Ctrl+K, Ctrl+K Toggle Bookmark
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+P Previous Bookmark
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+N Next Bookmark
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+L Clear Bookmarks
Ctrl+Shift+K, Ctrl+Shift+P Previous Bookmark in Folder
Ctrl+Shift+K, Ctrl+Shift+N Next Bookmark in Folder

Function Keys

F1 Help
Ctrl+F1 Help – How Do I
Ctrl+Alt+F1 Help Contents
Ctrl+Alt+F2 Help Index
F3 Find Next
Ctrl+Alt+F3 Help Search
F4 View Properties Window
F5 Refresh / Execute
Alt-F5 Start Debugging
Ctrl+F5 Parse
Ctrl+Alt+F5 Help Tutorial
F6 Window-Next Pane
Shift+F6 Window-Previous Pane
F7 View Object Explorer Details
F8 View Object Explorer
Alt+F8 Open Server in Object Explorer
F9 Debug-Toggle Break Point
F10 Debug-Step Over
F11 Debug-Step Into

Intellisense Shortcuts

Ctrl+J List Members
Ctrl+Shift+Space Parameter Info
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+I Quick Info
Alt+Right Arrow Complete Word
Ctrl+Shift+R Refresh Local Cache

Please check and let us know if you have any concerns

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