IIS Web Server Learning Series -Part 9 – Performance Tuning and Monitoring

Performance Tuning and Monitoring

Performance is low due to the user code

So we can find out that thing using the below

Http .sys listener in kernel mode is passing the requests to websites app pools and worker process of app pool will execute the requests.

if the worker process will get the requests of type html pages, then the performance will be high.

This is best case for iis.

IIS will be worst when executing the following

ASp.net code

asp code



fast CGI

ISAPI extensions

IIS performance will be fast when it executes the MS code

It will be slow when it executes the user code

Means Bad performance in IIS is not iis fault, its developer fault.

When the server configured for iis is also having the sql server, my sql, active directory etc… Then the iis needs to share the memory with them


1…WCAT: it will send the numerous static web page requests to IIS

we can do test like this

Check the sermon’s and by running wcat tool to send requests to IIS

and do the test in the other server

when u r running wcat , don’t use asp,asp.net,php etc.. only use html static request

in the perfmon.msc add the counter like w3wp, wap (app pool) and checks the performance

in the other server check the performance for user code , if there is huge difference ask the dev team to fix the code


—->check the graph in the perfmon.msc, if processor is taking high and iis is taking low then it means processor not enough to handle the iis request or there are some other resources to that are using processors

check the task manager check the processes that are consuming more memory than worker processes


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