Query to get BizTalk Role Link Details

Hi All,

You can get the Role link details using Sql Query instead of going to admin console. Go to BiztalkMgmtDB Database and run the below query. it’s simple and easy


USE BizTalkMgmtDb



role.nvcname [RoleLink],

party.nvcname [PartyName],

assembly.nvcfullname [Assembly],

sendport.nvcname [SendPort]

FROM bts_sendport sendport

INNER JOIN bts_party_sendport partysendport ON partysendport.nsendportid = sendport.nid

INNER JOIN bts_enlistedparty_operation_mapping operationmapping ON operationmapping.npartysendportid = partysendport.nid

INNER JOIN bts_enlistedparty_port_mapping portmapping ON portmapping.nid = operationmapping.nportmappingid

INNER JOIN bts_enlistedparty enlistedparty ON portmapping.nenlistedpartyid = enlistedparty.nid

INNER JOIN bts_party party ON enlistedparty.npartyid = party.nid

INNER JOIN bts_role role ON role.nid = enlistedparty.nroleid

INNER JOIN bts_rolelink_type rolelinktype ON rolelinktype.nid = role.nrolelinktypeid

INNER JOIN bts_assembly assembly ON assembly.nid = rolelinktype.nassemblyid

INNER JOIN bts_application app on app.nID=assembly.nApplicationID





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