Easy Way to GAC Many DLLS at a time in a Server

Hi All,

We have a situation in which we need to GAC 100 missing DLLs in one of the server, so we gathered missing DLLs in one folder.

We have taken below steps to work on this hassle-free .

1. Put all the DLLs in one folder, suppose put it into D:\GAC in the server

2. Open the command prompt in administrator mode and go to above mentioned folder location and check all the DLLs with DIR command

3. Run the below command in the command prompt to get the complete file path information of the DLLs information into one text file

dir /s/b > E:\ assemblyList.txt

4. Copy this file into location where GACutil.exe is present. You can download gacutil tool from Bing. Or you can find in the below link


5. Run the below command to GAC all the Dlls that are present in the File

gacutil /il assemblyList.txt


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