How To Get Parties,RoleLinks and their associated Send ports

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We have a requirement to compare all the Parties that are enlisted in the role links in 2013 servers to 2009 servers, so I quickly created one Sql query to get the latest Role Links and their associated parties and send ports information in the 2009 BizTalk servers, so that it will be compared with 2013 Server information


USE BizTalkMgmtDb

SELECT party.nvcname [PartyName],

role.nvcname [RoleLink],

assembly.nvcfullname [Assembly],

sendport.nvcname [SendPort]

FROM bts_sendport sendport

INNER JOIN bts_party_sendport partysendport

ON partysendport.nsendportid = sendport.nid

INNER JOIN bts_enlistedparty_operation_mapping operationmapping

ON operationmapping.npartysendportid = partysendport.nid

INNER JOIN bts_enlistedparty_port_mapping portmapping

ON portmapping.nid = operationmapping.nportmappingid

INNER JOIN bts_enlistedparty enlistedparty

ON portmapping.nenlistedpartyid = enlistedparty.nid

INNER JOIN bts_party party

ON enlistedparty.npartyid = party.nid

INNER JOIN bts_role role

ON role.nid = enlistedparty.nroleid

INNER JOIN bts_rolelink_type rolelinktype

ON rolelinktype.nid = role.nrolelinktypeid

INNER JOIN bts_assembly assembly

ON assembly.nid = rolelinktype.nassemblyid

GROUP BY party.nvcname,


role. nvcname,



Get the above result from 2009 and 2013 environments and copy into excel sheets and compare with beyond compare tool, if the e role link migration in 2013 was completed. Else use the 2009 result while applying the parties in BizTalk 2013 role links


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